Nordberg MP Series Cone Wear Parts Selection Guide

Nordberg MP Series Cone Wear Parts Selection Guide

The Nordberg MP Cone crusher is a compressive crusher in which feed material is crushed between a fixed bowl liner and a moveable mantle. Bigger rock particles are crushed directly between the surfaces of the mantle and bowl liner. This is called single layer crushing. Smaller rock particles are crushed between other rock particles, which is termed multi-layer crushing or inter-particle comminution. Multi-layer crush-ing plays a significant role in the MP cavity. This improves the reduction through the crusher and end product shape.

Each MP Cone Crusher has sever-al cavity options with different feed openings and setting ranges. The correct cavity can be selected based on the feed size, setting, and application. Standard liners are typically used in secondary applications. Secondary applications don’t necessarily need to be operated in the closed circuit, but preferably choke fed. Short head liners are used in tertiary or quaternary stage applications for fine crushing and may be in closed circuit returning to the crusher. Liners are manufactured from XT510,XT515, XT520, XT525, XT710, XT750 or XT770 material depending on the application and material characteristics.

Nordberg MP Series Cavities Selection

Part Number Description Crusher Type Weight
1048315201 BOWL LINER STANDARD MEDIUM MP800 4,132.000
1048315250 BOWL LINER SHORT HEAD – FINE MP800 3,908.000
1048315255 BOWL LINER SHORT HEAD – MEDIUM MP800 4,451.000
1050143900 MANTLE STANDARD MP800 4,347.000
1050143950 MANTLE SHORT HEAD MP800 4,987.000
10P1018901 BOWL LINER MODIFIED, SH HD MEDIUM MP800 4,414.000
1048315559 BOWL LINER STANDARD MP1250 6234
MM0366360 MANTLE STANDARD MP1250 5383