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Extend Crusher Liner Life Tips

There are some tips to extend crusher liner life:

1. When changing the new crusher liners, you need following these steps

  • Operate 50% rated power (65% amps) with a full cavity for 6 hours.
  • Operate 75% rated power (80% amps) with a full cavity for 2 hours.
  • Operate at or near 100% rated power (100% amps) from this point on.
  • The Crusher normally operates near full power draw
  • Increasing the Crusher setting in order to operate at the lighter power levels does not affect the crushing circuit.

2. Limit the quantity of water used to control dust!

  • Many times water is used above the Crusher to control dust.
  • Too much water can cause fines to be washed down the face of the mantle which can cause premature liner wear.

3. Keep a material load on the Crusher all day!

  • When feed enters the crushing cavity, it rubs against the fast-moving mantle and if done frequently throughout the day (switching from load to no load), it may prevent the liners from work hardening properly.
  • Liners will work harden and get tougher if you can maintain a steady feed rate to the crusher all day long.

4. Change New Material Crusher Liner, Such as the TIC Insert Cone Crusher Parts

When changing to TIC insert cone liner and bowl liner, the span life can be 2-3 times than normal manganese cone liner and bowl liner. Titanium carbide (TiC) cone crusher wear parts are designed to increase the wear life of wear parts in abrasive environments. Titanium carbide columns are cast within proprietary alloys for added strength and durability.