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Sandvik H6800 Dust Seal Improvement

One of our customer import two sets of  Sandvik H6800 cone crushers in the 2015 year. After using the new cone crusher, the crushing efficiency has been greatly improved and the production capacity has been further improved. However, there are still some problems need to solve. Such as the dust seal problem: After several years of use, it was found that the dust seal of the H6800 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher wears faster and consumes more. Each crusher needs to replace about 4 dust seals per year, worth about 140,000 yuan, and the equipment has high operating costs.

Cause Analysis

The dust seal is supported under the moving cone, and the dust cover can move and slide freely, as shown in Figure 1.

Sandvik H6800 Dust Seal Figure 1

  • 1.Dust seal     2.Gear ring     3.Support ring    4.Rubber scraper     5.Dust cover

Due to the relative movement between the dust seal and the dust cover, the wear is faster. After about 3 to 4 months, the gap between the dust seal and the dust cover exceeds the allowable clearance and must be replaced.


Aiming at the problem of large wear of the dust seal, a comprehensive analysis was carried out, and corresponding transformation and utilization were carried out.

  • To measure the dust seal that needs to be replaced with excessive wear, find a groove with a width of 8 mm and a depth of 7.8 mm on the inner working surface, see Figure 2.
  • Insert a rubber ring of φ 8.5 mm in this groove, and press and connect the joint.
  • After inserting the rubber ring, clean the burrs of the groove and press the rubber ring. Be careful not to let the rubber ring undulate when lifting.

Sandvik H6800 Dust Seal Figure 2


  • Always check for leaks during operation and replace the rubber ring regularly. The rubber ring is usually replaced periodically when the moving cone liner is replaced.
  • Pay attention to the wear of the dust ring. If the wear is large, replace the dust seal. Replace approximately one dust seal per year.

The Result

The modification of the dust seal of the Sandvik H6800 crusher can effectively prevent dust and dirt from entering the broken lubrication system, which can meet the requirements of equipment operation, and only use one dust seal per year, which can save 105,000 yuan than before the transformation.




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